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Saturday, October 7, 2017

A Coronation of Kings

The writer, S.C. Stokes asked me to review his new book, "A Coronation of Kings".  First off like many first novels, the writer gets better as the story moves on. You can feel him learning his craft as he advances the tale.

Once you get beyond the rather extensive initial back story exposition, and get down to knowing the characters, the book quickly becomes an engaging story. The salvation by magic genre always comes off as too contrived for my taste. In this genre, magical stuff keeps popping up a little too conveniently for credibility in my mind. I suppose to video gamers this is all pretty much de rigueur, but for me it strains my ability to suspend my disbelief.

Still Stokes weaves the bits and bobs together to give the reader an enjoyable ride. If you like the dragons, sword & sorcery tales, this one should give you your fix as it pretty much has all the standard elements of the genre.

A Coronation of Kings
gets one pineapple.

  © Tom King

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