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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse

© Nina Post
Was asked to review this by a friend, reminding me that one should be careful what you agree to. This very weird sci-fi/fantasy/video game narration or whatever it was, is not something I care for.

Quirky demons and spontaneously combusting tax accountants may seem like fun in the abstract, but let me tell you it gets tiring after a while. Way too random for my taste. Something an ADD gamer might go for simply for the occasional attention-getting explosion or the sudden disintegration of minor characters into variegated puddles of goo.

I did read the whole thing to give it a chance so I could do a fair review. I admit I speed-read the last half of it. Sorry I couldn't give it better rating. I hate to be discouraging to young authors. Unfortunately, this was not at all my cup o' tea (or even my pan-galactic gargle blaster for that matter).

Not my cup of tea

© 2017 by Tom King

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